Provider: West Virginia Mountain Bike Association

Big Bear Mountain Bike Weekend a Huge Success!

Riders came from all over to test out this new thing called WVEnduro. We had been working on trails for weeks getting ready for this, trying to make the trails exciting for all these adrenaline riders. Hard work paid off when riders hit the course and came back loving it.

Jonny Martin took everyone to homeschool out on the course in the mens division. Angelina Palermo sprinted hard out of the gate to take the womens title.

We taped off the timed sections like a World Cup DH course to help riders going in blind. The beauty of Enduro is that it is a group ride atmosphere with racing sections mixed in. The last place rider can ride with the top rider, you can wait for your buddies at the bottom of the run. Less competitive? Maybe in between stages, not on the race run. XC people may not have ever sprinted this hard on a DH, because you are blown out at the bottom and you couldnt even climb the next hill. This is the point of Enduro - leave it all hanging out there on one run and then collapse at the bottom completely blown. I love it and didnt even get to race.

A hard rain on Friday slicked out some turns and greased some spots, but overall conditions were great. If you missed this one be sure to hit Coopers as a rider or spectator - youre not used to bike racing being this exciting!

It got even hotter and drier for Sundays XC race. 80's in April was surely a blessing when you look back at iplay and see some of the snow races we've had.

Not to b outdone Mark Schooley made some new trails and connectors to juice up the xc and give it a new twist. I talked him into leaving the jumps in for the race both up and down. I heard many a rider remarking about "catchin air for the first time in a while." Thats too much road bikin if you ask me, why do you think I shun a hardtail? When I ride, I jump off of things!

Big shoutout to Mark Schooley and Big Bear Lake for an awesome venue, a lot of effort to make these races happen, and for being pumped about biking.

Big Bear truly is the British Columbia of the East, come on out and ride it with me. Next project: pump track heaven.