Provider: West Virginia Mountain Bike Association

Shingletree Maintenance a Success!

There was a big enough turnout to split into two crews on the Clover section of Shingletree. One crew moved around the loop one way, the other started a little later on the other trailhead, hoping to meet in the middle somewhere with the loop completely cleared. We started strong, but the sheer numbers of trees down and the on and off rain dampened our clothes and our spirits. Joey kept saying "It just a little bit further" but anybody could look up and see the multiple switchbacks covered in trees up ahead and we started to lose some forward momentum. We started into the worst of it past a switchback and then sighted the other crew off in the distance cutting towards us. They were still a quarter-mile around the mountain, but the finish was in sight. I had laughed when Jason Martin of Pike Street Bikes pulled out the dirt hoe and mattock, but we made some really nice bench cuts along the way where the trail had eroded. Jason gets the most prepared award, he had a backpack full of drinks and goodies and first aid kit. This wasn't your ordinary trail trim, this was a full-on recovery effort. Anybody that was along can tell you about the massive outpouring of effort that it took to open this trail back up. Thanks to all the local boys that showed up, and all the people that drove in to help. We had Pittsburgh, Ohio, Morgantown, Clarksburg, Shinnston, and Preston County represented. It was great to see almost twenty adults and seven kids out there working hard for a great cause- making great mountain biking, one trail at a time! Anybody that missed out can join us Dec 8 at Pointy Knob (off the Canaan Loop Road 3 miles from Canaan Heights) for a clear-out session. If you like riding epic trails, come join us as we make em sweet.