Provider: West Virginia Mountain Bike Association

Hammer Ultra Series Pays Out For First Time

Hammer Ultra Series Goes Legit

We were proud to pay out a fat purse to the Ultra Series racers (for the first time). Thanks to Hammer and Custom Contracting for sponsoring the Ultra series and letting us take it up a notch. Congratulations to everyone who raced the Ultra Series and likes to GO LONG on the bike. Look for bigger payouts next year in both series and a continuing of the fun tradition that is WVMBA racing! We're goin big, just because we can!

In the Men's Open Brad Schmalzer proved that he is Ultra-fast, and we have to recognize youngbloods Ryan Miracle and Chase Barnhart for rocking the Ultra series too (all that training with Bill Lane paid off and I saw Ryan with the signature tall kitchen trashbag poncho on Saturday, something I learned from Bill 16 years ago, and have used since many times) In the Toughest Women category Aimee Grahe and Sara Chua proved that they can go the distance, way to rock it ladies! In the Masters Category Don (Champ) Ciampanelli has been turning it on all year. Bruce Meyer claimed the second spot, and WVMBA usual suspect Dave McCormick rounded out the top three. Mike Boise deserves honorable mention, because he is the only person in WVMBA history to double up Ultra and regular series wins, and has been an Ultra racer since the beginning. In my favorite category ,Singleminded, Singletrackin, Low-Budget Bike Category Vinni Kish came back from injury at Big Bear to claim the title (nice job man!). B to the mf K homeboy took second, and it came down to the last race with a points deficit in his favor, finally talking him out of racin that rigid crazy stuff, Andy Forron (er) in third.

Come on out and join the fun, I love it whether I'm near the front or DFL. Maybe we can talk a couple more regular XC racers into making the transition into the Ultra Series. Remember there's eleven year olds racing 100-milers and (my favorite) people who have never entered a mountain bike race before entering the 100 as their first race. So come on out, it'll be a little painful, but guaranteed a lot of fun. For me its the racing memories that are great, and you get a lot more of them in a longer race. See you on the starting line next year!