Provider: West Virginia Mountain Bike Association

We Want Your Trail Hours! Please!

Folks, I know the trail work is another hoop to jump through, and we're all tired from jumping through hoops all day long, day after day. But this is our program to reward those of you who give back to the trails. Some just like to take advantage of others hard work and not do anything personally "Its the promoters responsibility" "I'm too busy" "I can barely find time to ride" "I don't like to stop while I'm riding and clear stuff" but thats all sissy-talk to me.

Maybe I'm just getting older, but I've seen the need for maintenance around me. Great riding areas go down because of lack of maintenance. Big Bear was completely unrideable. Cheat Mountain above Elkins was completely unrideable. Coopers was waiting on someone to come through and clean it out. Chestnut Ridge on the other side of the interstate is in horrible shape because I haven't been though there yet. This is a great connection to make with Coopers to make an epic ride loop. I'm still tired from clearing Big Bear (120 hours personally) this winter, Cheat early summer (20 hours) and Coopers this week (12 hours), but when I get a little steam Chestnut is next on the list.

Think about what you can do off-season to make your riding area better. I like Kyle Inman's theory "We do it to be selfish, because we want to ride these trails. But if everyone's selfish like that, we all win because all the trails will be maintained."