Provider: West Virginia Mountain Bike Association

Slatyfork Fat Tire 50 Next Stop On HAMMER WVMBA ULTRA Series Tour

We're bringin back the Old School Fat Tire Festival atmosphere to Slatyfork folks! Those of you that can remember back that far will definitely get the itch for this one, and others have heard the rumors and stories. Yes, this is one of WV's epic riding spots. No you may not call yourself a mountain biker till you've ridden this stuff. Tea Creek Mountain Trail is hands-down best DH in WV. Bring it!

Slatyfork is one of the originals, this place was the best place on the East Coast for mountain biking, in the eighties!! I don't remember back that far, but in the late 90's the Fat Tire Festival was big, one of the biggest mtb events in the country. It was the Lollapallooza of mountain biking, hot air balloons, raging bonfires, group rides every day for a week, Wild 100 one weekend and Fat Tire Festival next weekend. It got a little too crazy for Gil and Mary's tastes, and with a fiasco with torn markings and the whole race getting lost brought on the demise of the best mountain bike event ever.

That was then and this is now, Greg Moore has been living in Slatyfork and made himself the "keeper of the trail" for Pocahontas County. It takes a lot of effort to singlehandedly clear a trail network, so Greg recently started the Pocahontas County Trails Club to roust others out into helping maintain their local trails. Its this kind of bicycle advocacy that makes trails great and brings bikers together. I really admire the Eastern Virginianites ability to work together on trails, and RVMBA in the mid-Ohio valley has done some great work, and Tucker County Trails in Canaan has also done some great work. We had a great showing in my local area (Big Bear Lake) to clean up after Superstorm/Hurricane Sandy, with folks like Joe Fraas and the Dirt Rag crew coming down from Pittsburgh to help out, and locals from Motown coming out to help clean up their trails. When you work on them, they become your trails, with your sweat making them sweet.

Old-schoolers, dust off that purple lycra jersey and matching purple anodized bar ends. New schoolers bring all that fancy computerized suspension lockout crap you can strap onto a bike. This is a race that is sure to draw people out of the woodwork, come on down the night before for the pre-race festivities at the kegs and campfire and don't plan on going to bed early!

Red Run! Gauley! Right Fork! Tea Creek Mountain! Bannock Shoals! (OUCH!!) Props! If you know it you love it, and if you don't you will!!