Provider: West Virginia Mountain Bike Association

Cooper's Rock Gets Real Venue This Year

It used to be just a wide spot in the road, not even that wide. Now we've got the Rock City Pavilion so we'll have nice shelter from the elements and a lot nicer venue. Rock City (and Cooper's Rock in general) is an awesome place to freeclimb, sightsee, hike, or bike, so bring some folks along for an enjoyable day no matter what they're doing. This is the place that introduced me to "hard rock" mountain biking and the need for suspension, come on out!

Coopers is a tough place to find an easy trail to ride, except for the Roadside Trail. Luckily we won't be on the Roadside Trail in the race, Gunnar promised me, we're going to ride the good stuff. Its more rocky than rooty, so traction is usually good. This is a fun one, bring some spare tubes, put on the big tires, and be ready for some fun ridin.