Provider: West Virginia Mountain Bike Association

Valley Falls Promises New, All Downhill Course

Well ok so that last parts not true, there is a fair amount of climbing to be found at Valley Falls, but remember that law of physics: What goes up must come down eventually. I been hearing rumors of new trails and saw a few pictures of benchcut sweetness. Jason Martin and his crew have been working hard to change up the course and as always put on a good race. Make sure you bring the kids for the kids race!

Valley Falls has some climbing, but its the downhills that we love, and its got plenty of those too. Rocky because its in WV, but not overwhelming, its got a good feel to the trails. A little bit challenging on a singlespeed, but thats what we're looking for is a good challenge isn't it? Bring it if you got it, and come on out even if you don't, its going to be a good time racin' in WV.