Provider: West Virginia Mountain Bike Association

I Ain't Skeered - Black Bear Course Offers Something For Everyone

Some people might be scared of this course, thanks to the billing as "the Scariest MTB Race in the World" and pictures of former pro riders coming out of there in a sling. This course is truly a classic and offers something for everyone. Roadies have their moment on the extended climbs and the mountain bikers have their glory on the DH. I always look forward to the sweet singletrack descents on this course, when it lets loose - hold on tight!

Every great race should start and immediately go through a creek just to let you know that this is mountain biking and not some dirty version of road racing. You climb up some serious climbs to the top of the ridge, and then bomb back down on some serious gravity-fed action. I'm going on memory here, but Mossy, Wildcat, and of course the Black Bear are all screamers. Now that doesn't mean stay home, just slow down a bit and be careful if you don't like the rough stuff. This is real mountain biking here, and I don't even mind the climbs that much because they're so long (say what?), and you get into your rhythm and grind it out.

Jarrett Smith and Tearjerkers put a lot of effort into maintaining trails and putting on this race, lets thank them by supporting their event!