Provider: West Virginia Mountain Bike Association

Big Bear Ultra Great Way to Get the Scenic Tour

You've never ridden every trail at Big Bear? Now you can, in one day. Fully stocked checkpoints, fun trails, a super cookout, beverages, and a great venue are some of the highlights of this race. Bring the family to the water park or lake while you get to ride your bicycle. I love riding at Big Bear, and it just keeps getting better all the time due to the trail-building. I would like to note that there are 400 hours+ of trail busting just this year going into making this race happen. Please come out and enjoy the fruits of our labors!

I can't say enough good things about this place, its one of the most perfect mountain bike venues in the country. The amazing thing is that it is privately owned so we are extremely grateful that we are allowed to ride there, much less have our run of the place (except in hunting season we have to give it back for a while).

This year most of our efforts went into clearing out the trails that were already there. Those that kept up with us in the winter and spring know every Saturday from February sometime we were out with the chainsaws clearing trees. My back still hurts from it all. But if you want to ride trail, you have to dig deep and respond to the challenges that Mother Nature throws at us. Then after all that work early on, we keep getting these torrential rain and lightning storms that throw even more stuff down in the trail. No exaggeration I cleared 50 trees last week off the trail. Every time I ride there's more, the branches hang a little lower, its steady work to keep a riding area open.

We do have one new trail to add in this year, and its full of rock drops so be careful when you get to the XXX trail, its a lot of fun!

After talking with some Wayne locals, and hearing about how the Wayne is just about closed because of so many big trees down, (and it was just open for the race) I came to the realization that if you are riding open trail somewhere and its sweet, its no accident, its because some folks were motivated enough, love their riding area enough, and just plain love to ride that this trail is open. So don't complain about the couple of branches that hang down, or the trimming that wasn't done right, just be glad you're riding clean trail and not crawling over logs that block the trails completely.

Come on out, support a great event, test your singletrack skills, have a great ride, and most importantly have fun!