Provider: West Virginia Mountain Bike Association

Dobbin House Returns!!

What a fun course! We brought back the old-school Dobbin House race and it was sweet. You can't help but have a good time riding in Canaan, there's something in the air I believe. The locals ride Dobbin House all the time because it is well-drained and just plain fun. WVMBA racing = real mountain biking fun.

If you missed it this year, we had such a positive response from everyone that it is definitely a permanent fixture in the WVMBA series, so come on out next year and test it out. I know every trail out there from previous races and it was great fun revisiting them. The pine forest slalom course section, the suspension test through the ravine, the fierce drop-in to the start of the railroad grade, the railroad grade, the log jump at high speed, its all good fun.

Gunnar helped out with the food preparation, thanks bro. I asked him if he beat me could he start the pasta, of course I knew he'd beat me, but that didn't stop me from trying to catch him. It was a matter of seconds by the finish line so we made it a team effort. Next time less talk and more work though. We might even break out a pesto option for the Coopers Race.

The locals owned their course with long-time racer Jason Cyr showing everyone how to ride, with upstart Van "Morrison" Morales (also Astro Van in some circles) right behind him. Joey proved he knows how to ride Canaan-style, and long-time WVMBA racer TJ Platt was right there as well. We're glad to see Mandi Riddle is back in the game and riding tough again.

We gotta give some props to Jason Cyr, after having some issues with diabetes he has gotten his system dialed in and is rolling super fast. Most people stop when presented with an obstacle, or are looking for any excuse as to why they couldn't do something. A true champion rises above that which holds them back, and Jason has proved that he's in this category.

If you're in Davis, make sure you test out Splashdam Trail, tell them rocks and gnarly stuff that Benjico sent you.