Provider: West Virginia Mountain Bike Association

The Return of Dobbin House in Canaan This Weekend

You have to be a little old to remember the Canaan Mountain Series. The Dobbin House race was one of these, and we're bringing it back! This is pretty mellow riding for Canaan, so don't be afraid if the Rattlesnake has bit you (or your bike) before. That doesn't mean put on the ultralight semislicks, now, or put away the full-suspension, this is Canaan! Support local, grassroots mountain bike racing! All-you-can eat pasta feed after the race!

Now, this is gonna sound like I'm rippin' the Old Coot off here, but when did them mountain bike races start a havin' road bike categories anyhow? Is this jes so that we can be assimilated an swept under the rug as a silly offshoot of road bike racing? I'll tell ya when it all started is when they started tamin down the courses to double track and road mostly, with a wee bit of "singletrack" thrown in jes so they can a call it mountain biking. All of a sudden there aint no place for fat tires and full-suspensions in the race to get up the fire road/pavement. All of a sudden folks do all their trainin on the road so they can be fast in the "mountain bike" race. Then NORBA tanked because of the loss of enthusiam, big-time mountain biking wasn't fun anymore! Now the USAC is NORBA with a new name.

Pay more for less if you want to, we're keepin it real in WV. Full-suspensions are highly recommended on almost every course. Skinny ultralight tires don't work here on the downhills. There is epic singletrack and courses that throw in some challenges that make the best riders in the world grunt a little to get through it. This is real mountain biking, served up hot and tasty almost every weekend at some venue around the state. I for one feel blessed to have the most continuous long-standing series in the world. Where can you go and race every weekend within a couple hours drive? We're working on the official WVMBA history book right now, but I'm positive we have the longest-running mountain bike series in the country, if not the world.

You know why WVMBA has been around so long? Its fun for everyone. The people, the courses, everything about it is good. There is plenty of competition up in the top end of any category, but you can't help but have a good time at a West Virginia mountain bike race. The fast folks go amazingly fast, and the rest of us try to limit the damage and get our marks.

Give me real mountain biking - grassroots WVMBA style, just like we always love it!