Provider: West Virginia Mountain Bike Association

New Kids Course for 2013 Race to Little Moes in Phillipi

Kids love riding bikes! They'll love the new kids course at Little Moes, brand new for this year. We're trying to put the focus on the next generation of racers, and not keep all the fun for ourselves. The big course is nice custom-cut WV singletrack, with some rock features that test your suspension. It just keeps getting better and better every year, thanks to the efforts of Thad and co.

If you've never been to the Race To Little Moes in Phillipi, you're missing out. This is great riding tucked in right across the river from downtown Phillipi. As soon as you get into the woods, you're riding great trail handcrafted by Thad and locals.

I was pleasantly surprised to hit a new trail last year that broke up the initial goat climb up doubletrack. I know its XC racin and not just havin fun goin downhill, but good (singlespeed) trail will test you some and then let up a bit for a little bit of recovery before going up again. Any time you throw in a rocky section it adds to the fun too, there are some rock rollovers and rock gardens that make your suspension work a little.

We're really trying to promote the kids racing this year, so please bring the little racers out for a good time on the new course. And all the adults (even ones without kids) I'm going to be trying to round you up for a cheering section on the kids course. We want to show them a good time they'll never forget, and I want the kids course to start looking like the finish of the Tour de France, maybe we can't afford the barriers yet, but we've got the people.