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Lori being awesomeLori Tofaute completed Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in the Spring 2001. Shortly after, she opened the first and only Bikram Yoga Studio in West Virginia.

"After 10 years of practicing yoga and 7 years of teaching, I still enjoy every class and learn something new every time.

I love yoga because as you grow and change the practice helps keep you grounded, balanced and connected to a higher place."

Favorite Yoga Phrase: "When your body is healthy, your mind is healthy and anything becomes possible."

Favorite Yoga Posture: Trikonasana

Martha Stump

postures Yoga is a practice that enables us to reconnect with our bodies - to see imbalances and patterns which are or will become detrimental to our wellbeing and to address them - to keep our joints healthy and "juicy" - to build the strength and fluidity that keeps us upright and mobile as we age. And we can do all of this and have fun at the same time:

I teach in an informal style, and I try to bring humor and compassion to the serious pursuit of uniting body, breath and mind. Laughing is allowed and welcome.

I have been teaching Yoga in the MOV since receiving my Yoga Alliance certified Teacher Training Certificate in 2004. Continuing my education since then, I’ve studied with Donna Farhi, Cyndi Lee, Doug Keller, Stephanie Pappas and Sianna Sherman. These and other teachers, as well as my students, have influenced and inspired my teaching and my yoga.

Thad Tofaute