Provider: West Virginia University at Parkersburg

Rah! Rah! Go Pam and WVU-P's new health and wellness policy

So, for over 14 years I have volunteered and worked with so many others in this community to make it a healthier place to live. Oh, the things we have done over the years! The fun we have had and the support we have given each other has been a mainstay for me I know in staying involved. Once, I was going to stop a major venture I was leading after 2 years because I just didn't feel like we were being effective. For the amount of energy and resources we were spending it seemed like it may be best to focus on something else. Thank goodness one of my cheerleaders stopped me. Time and time again I have seen the impact our work had, even to this day. She had been a cheerleader far longer than I had and she shared her wisdom, as we do. I am using the term cheerleader because that is what I got called to day by Pam Santer, wellness coordinator at WVU-P and one of the first people to step up and support Park Day 2011 when we opened registration. She was there in force with her amazing students and they ended up taking the prize for the best park.

I am beyond busy for the next 8 days of September and barely have time to get the stuff done I have obligated myself to do but when Pam called early this morning and said, "What are you doing today?" I smiled. She asked if I could come to her Staff Health and Wellness kick-off and also speak to her students, I dropped everything (except my pom poms) and went. When she introduced me to participants in the event she said, this is Kim, my cheerleader. I am.

What I got to help with was awesome! Pam has been able to get the University to agree to allow paid staff to exercise on a regular basis as part of their work day! Today, the staff signed contracts as to what they were going to do. They were required to have 2 witnesses sign their contracts (I wonder if she would change that to cheerleader). They then got an oPam card to help them find things to do and a Change the Future WV gift, the grant that helped fund the program. They were treated to a delicious healthy lunch and were able to participate in a drawing for healthy prizes. It was super cool and I am so glad I was there. Pam did a fantastic job! I am so glad to be on the same squad with her. I look forward to our future games. Go Pam!